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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 436: 1363: Rise of the Feathered Horse Queen

We've slaughtered an astounding 14 cows at the word of the Storm Bull. What a trivial event.

I'm running out of new spells to learn. This one improves the yield of hunting. Bah!

Nothing ever important happens to the Kuchulainni.

Women from the enemy people you know as the Horse-Spawn come to speak to your priestesses. They come not to make threats but to inform you of a change of leadership within the Horse-Spawn ranks. Their new leader is not a king, but the Feathered Horse Queen, who derives her power from the goddesses of the earth, not from the god of the sun. "We offer your people an opportunity to make a new relationsihp with our new queen," they say.

Give them treasure.

Give them gifts. Offer them hospitality.

Send them packing.

Thank them for the news, but offer them nothing.

This is a rare chance to improve our relations with these antagonistic people.

Feathers? Queen? Let me check my scrolls -- this seems familiar.

It couldn't hurt to be generous with them.

The warriors will be pleased if we boldly rebuff them.

Many times have they raided Orlanthi clans, aided by their fiery, leaping steeds.