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Part 435: 1363: Return of the Chaos Cattle

Sorry, brah, but the Telmori have done more for us than your entire useless tribe.

Honestly, I'm running out of things to do. Research more spells, maybe?

Fend off troll attacks?

Send explorers to faraway places?

C'mon, endgame, trigger already.

Grivton Scorpion-Killer, a wandering holy warrior of Urox, has decided that the herds of Borngold may be infected by chaotic broos. If he's right, the cattle certainly must be destroyed; otherwise, they'll breed monsters. If he's wrong, however, you'll be losing valuable cattle for no good reason.

Destroy Borngold's cattle.

Persuade Grivton that he is mistaken.

Question Grivton to see if you can trust his judgement.

Send Grivton away.

If we push the Storm Bulls too far, we can expect an attack from a platoon of legendary berzerkers. We could not survive such an attack.

Chaos is rampant. Grivton is probably right.

Let's leave the cows be and see what happens. If broose come out, we could learn much by fighting them.

Couldn't we just feast on the destroyed cows?