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Part 438: 1363: Uralda Cow Rituals

Negotiations go well, and the captured Weaponthanes are returned to us.

Again, for lack of direction, I ask Lhankor Mhy which of the clans is the greatest threat to us. He says it's monsters! Yeah, thanks, that's super helpful, knowing god.

With Korstardos on the way out, I send him to start impossible trade routes while I still can. Anyone can open trade relations with people who don't care about us, but Korstardos might be able to open them with people who hate us.

Cultists of Uralda, mother of cows, come to you and offer to perform a ritual to honor their goddess. The ritual will make your cows healthier and more fertile. Although they do so to honor Uralda, it is also clear that they want you to offer something in exchange for their ritual services.

Accept their offer; tell them you'll owe them a favor.

Allow them to perform the ritual, but offer them nothing.

Do not allow the ritual.

Offer them a share of your clan magic.

Offer them gifts.

The carls are anxious for us to accept.

Give them ten cows.

Uralda is the bountiful cow-mother, who brought her four-legged people into Ernalda's stead.

These she-devils mean to geld us all!