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by Mystic Mongol

Part 32: 1332: Snakes!

Seven magic spent, three saved. Let's get some stuff done.

First month of Sea, I ordered a fortification of stakes built. Normally, enemy cavalry is amazingly destructive, but a stake perimeter goes a long way to neutralize that advantage.

Also, I've started a recruitment policy that will swell our numbers and make our army match our economic output.

Suddenly, there are snakes everywhere. They are in the grain bins, under beds, in the rafters. They crawl into any open space. They scare the cattle. This is worse than a nuisance. This is a plague.

Let the snakes go away on their own.

Organize a snake hunt.

Sacrifice a cow to Ernalda.

Sacrifice a cow to Eurmal.

Sacrifice a cow to Orlanth.

Orlanth is famed for slaying dragons. Snakes are like dragons. Honor Orlanth, and he will slay these snakes.

If we caught and skinned these snakes, we could fashion their skins into decorative items, which we could trade for other useful items.

The snake is a tricky creature, for you can't tell its head from its tail. To beat a trickster, you must find a bigger trickster. Sacrifice a cow to Eurmal.

Whatever you do, don't listen to the trickster. The stories say that Ernalda protects us from snakes.