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Part 236: 1348: More Women Troubles

Now I'm curious.

Looks like the Wolves are going through a period of social unrest.

Well, that doesn't matter to us. I send Korstardos off to start a trade route going with our richest neighbor.

And then we spend some time learning mysteries, which I haven't done in a while. Lawspeaker helps us win legal cases.

Good job, Korstardos. We should get more free goods and sheep at the beginning of each year, now.

I'm a bit embarressed by this next event--we had it a while ago, but I managed to turn off my computer during the voting, which is a crying shame. But hey, now we get to go back to bickering about it! Isn't that nice.

A delegation of the clan's prominent men complain to the ring that their rights are not being respected. "The women have grown ill-tempered and insulting. They use up clan magic with secret women's rites. something must be done to curb their improper behavior."

Hold a fewst in honor of the men.

Sacrifice to male ancestors.

Scold the women for their improper behavior.

"This is not a matter for the ring."

Remove Garstal from the ring.

Urge Garstal to curb his criticism of the women.

A scolding will make the women feel worse, and then they will act worse. We should encourage Garstal to hold his tounge, so that the men and women can begin to speak pleasantly to one another again.

Women should show proper respect to men.

This is a mere distraction. We must increase our efforts to fend off attacks from the treacherous elves!

They are right! The women have comitted grave offenses against the men!