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Part 237: 1348: Sacred Time

And we're off! Before we get too far into the year, let's look at something...

Is this kid really worshiping two gods? I didn't know you could do that.

Our exploration of the tula reveals a new trade good. It's about time to update our crafting plans!

Arlesta, a priestess of Maren Gor, Mother of Earthquakes, pays you a visit. "You have done honor to Maran Gor, who is not often honored. Feared, yes, honored, no. It may be that we are prepared to give youa gift, should you continue to deserve such a thing."

Ask Arlesta to be more specific about her gift.

Gift Arlesta with rings and silver.

Invite Arlesta to preside over a sacrifice to Maran Gor.

"The opportunity to pay homage to Maran Gor is gift enough."

The favor of Maran Gor may bring us power, but will also make others fear us.

She likely intends to give us a sacred clod, which will bring down an earthquake upon our enemies. The more cows we sacrifice now, the more powerful the earthquake.

We must enter into an agreement with this terrible goddess to defeat the elves once and for all!

"Roads are for the wise, the stupid should stay home."

Maran Gor isn't so bad. Eurmal stole her skirt once, and she didn't kil him. Just dismembered him a couple of times.

I think our ring is gradually filling with crazy people.