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Part 238: 1349: The Adventures of Derik Single-Path

Maran Gor was just feeling lonely, because her only friend was this crazy shark-mouth. She has rewarded our love with the ultimate weapon, a multi-clan-deployed device used for attacking offending tribes. I have no idea how amazing this tool is--but I have a feeling that Maran Gor is making an example out of us, to encourage love from others.

Ortossi heads out to explore our tula, and finds MORE crafting materials. Hooray! I guess!

Derik Single-Path, who has distinguished himself in many raids, comes before the clan ring and says that he is leaving. "I thank you for raising me and making me a good Orlanthi. Now I must move on,for I have become as strong as I can among a clan of Dragon Pass. I must go out into the world and find new tests for myself, so I can strengthen my powers against the misbegotten raiders of Prax. I ask now for your blessing, before I go."

Give Derik a parting gift.

Give him permission to leave.

Persuade him to stay.

Sacrifice to the gods to protect Derik on his travels. (please select god)

Give him a parting magical blessing.

A lone traveler faces many dangers in untamed dragon pass.

I'm fine, thanks.

If his family had not died when he was young, Derik might have chosen a path of peace.

If we sacrifice to the gods, they will protect Derik and us both.

It will be impossible to convince him to stay. He knows his destiny is elsewhere.

Although we'll never see any benefit from the gifts we give him, we're rich enough to make the gesture anyway.

When Orlanth began his great journey, many friends came to see him off, wishing him well and giving him their hopes and prayers.

Like a troll coin, he'll be back.