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Part 53: 1334: Drought in the Turtle Tula

The Zenthorings leave, but in a foul mood. Apparently they really wanted this ivory--maybe they know something we don't. Checking the OP tells us they're known for their 'aggressive pursuit of trade,' so that's something to look forward to.

Finally! That should help alleviate our food issues.

We don't have QUITE enough to make it to the harvest, so I've sent Korstardos to the Rangdani to trade some of our excess horses (goddamn Horse Nomads) for food.

They REALLY want those bones. Jeeze, they've got 50% numerical superiority, and are better equipped than we are. If only we had, I dunno, someone with the power to slay the gods on our side--I'm not sure how we'll pull through this.

Our clan leader is a MONSTER. The windslayer is becoming renowned far and wide for his prowess with the sword--we should send him on a strengthening heroquest so he'll be ready for the inevitable challenges to his mastery of the blade.

His deed was so heroic our ancestors rewarded us with another five magic.

Missing File: Heckno015.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

A random exploration of the tula found nothing, but the horses fetched a fair price, and were enough to feed out clan until the harvest was taken.

Here I'm introducing a new noble, who I've decided to send out to explore the west. No one's expressed an interest in expanding our borders, but it's absolutely time.

When I get a chance I'll turn our last remaining hunters into farmers.

Emissaries from the faraway Turtle clan petition you for help. Their corner of Dragon Pass is plagued by drought. Before the drought spreads, they want to sponsor a heroquest, in which a great holy warrior of Orlanth will enter the godplane. There, he will help Orlanth rescue the rain god, Heller, from the stomach of Aroka the Dragon. They want you to lend your prayers to the ritual that opens the door to the timeless realm of the Gods.

Decline without comment.

Decline because your magic is at a low ebb.

Promise a sacrifice to Orlanth.

Send a few worshipers to the ritual.

Send many worshipers to the ritual.

If we show appropriate generosity, we will gain respect from clans near and far.

Couldn't they do a less violent hero quest, where Orlanth captures Daga and puts him in a jar?

Yeah, it's not like they're me or anything.

We would need to sacrifice nine cows to have a good effect on the ritual.

There's no sign of drought here. The mere thought of one sends chills up my spine.

Harmast Barefoot's successful heroquest saved the world. Karston Fardrosson's disastrous failure caused stars to fall on his clan.