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Part 17: 1330: Garstal and the Dragon

HeroOfTheRevolution posted:


Fuck if I know, maybe an elf touched him when he was a teenager.

I'm a terrible leader, I don't know who the hell that is. Goodbye, Drenyan. Write at least once a week.

Missing File: GarstalReturns007.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Now that the spirits have taught our crafters to be more skilled, we need MORE of them, to capitalize on our newfound economic wealth.

We can only find a fair price for the output of 8 of our crafters. If you want to sell more than that, we should build a shrine to Issarite.

Not a bad idea, Korstaros, but you seem to forget what goods are for. They're not for selling, they're for giving to people to look like we're generous, so we can keep our cows. Arnbord says we only need 324, and we have 383 farmers, so we can support the maximum number of crafters.

Food is overrated.

Missing File: GarstalReturns010.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

In the second half of the Dark season, it's time to beef up our defenses. With half our weaponthanes playing nursemade to Garstal, patrols are down, which means we need to build a watchtower to keep the guard up.

10 goods is relatively little compared to our new amazing economic output (which is still kind of low, honestly) so I just went ahead and plonked a watch tower down. Now we have defenses besides that two foot deep pit Heortarl dug last summer to keep us safe!

Oh, look who's back. And he's found a dragon. Great job, asshat.

Garstal has come back from an expedition into the Quivian Mountains. He says he's found the lair of a wyrm. Wyrms are dragon-like creatures the size of a small stead. Garstal thinks this one is resting on a pile of treasure.

Forbid anyone to disturb the Wyrm.

Send a party to give a gift of food to the Wyrm.

Send a party to kill the Wyrm and bring back the treasure.

Send Garstal to take the treasure without killing the Wyrm.

Trade Garstal's map to the cave to another clan.

If you want anyone to come back alive, send at least seven Weaponthanes along with a strong and crafty leader.

Our ancestors were neither friend nor foe to dragonkind. Staying true to our heritage will strengthen our magic.

I can get some of the Wyrm's treasure, and even make friends with him to boot. Don't laugh!