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Part 16: 1330: Uralda Purifies Cows

Well, OK.

Goddamn shaman chisslers! Korstardos, I'm ashamed of you. Go brick them until they behave.

Anyway, for the rest of the Earth I think I'll take Garstal and send him somewhere, else, quickly, where he won't bother us. I'm a bit tired of hearing about the Quivin Mountains, so I'll send him there. Maybe he'll die! Wouldn't that be nice?

Look who's back.

Cultists of Uralda, mother of cows, come to you seeking aid. Herds in a distant corner of Dragon Pass are sickening and dying, and divinations have revealed that this is the work of the chaos goddess called Malia. It is to everyone's advantage to end this scourge before it spreads. The Uralda priestesses plan to perform a great ceremony of purification, and want you to contribute to the cause.

Conduct your own sacrifices to Uralda, that they may succeed.

Offer them wealth to sacrifice.

Refuse them.

Send an Uralda god-talker to help at the ceremony.

Have they helped us against our foes, the Elves? No they have not.

Our cows will not be affected by this problem.

We are not obligated to help them.

Our Uralda priestesses long to go on this journey.