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by Mystic Mongol

Part 346: 1356: Death of Jerernalda

This is why we sacrifice cows to empower the quester performing that quest. If you don't, they're killed by horrible monsters.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

A delegation from the Blue Jay clan comes to your tula to propose a peace settlement. "Life here is quite workable. There are enough Orlanthi to trade with, and plenty of good land for everyone to farm. Why not come to a responsible agreement and end our futile fight? Shall we gladden the hearts of our other enemies by fighting each other, instead of shedding their blood?"

"We accept your offer of peace! Let us feast!"

"We are always ready to talk."

"We do not trust you. Begone."

"We will talk, but you must prove that we can trust you."

"We're not having problems with other enemies."

Fighting means drinking. Drinking often means fighting. Leave the celebration for a successful peace neogiation.

Since they are approaching us, we cna rightly demand proof of their intentions. We can demand one of their noble youngsters as hostage, or a peacebond of cows left with another clan.

We have the stronger force; it is no wonder that they sue for peace.

If they offer us gifts, we should impress them by giving even more in return.


They very subtly tested the strength of our magic as they approached us. Why would they do that, if their motives were good?

How will our enemies prove their manhood, if they do not have the Blue Jay to fight against?