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Part 347: 1356: Sacred Time

Big ole' update here, and I'm cutting a lot of chaff--I don't show orders to go exploring if I have the results, and so forth. I'm just rushing straight towards the next heroquest, because this is beginning to drag a bit.

Unfortunately, our extravagant gifting just reminded the Blue Jays of everything they hated about the Kuchulainn... their tendency to do what they want, and then throw cows at the consequences until they went away. The feud continues.

With Jerernalda dead (good job, guys) the obvious next step is to replace her. The best plant expert on the ring is an expert of Chalana Arroy, and I'm not going to give up our mage for a farmer. The second best, however, is Heortarl. Remember him? Early on, he was passed over in favor of Ortossi, and despite moderately high overall stats and following the clan's favored god, he hasn't gotten any love since. But no more! It may have taken until he was old and grey, but his time in the sun has come!

The expanded Lhankor Mhy temple allows us to maintin both Literacy (improved interclan relations) and Lawspeaker (legal bonuses) making us a more likeable clan.

You can't actually learn the deep secrets of the Lhankor Mhy heroquest by sacrificing to Lhankor Mhy--because the knowing god is a big fat jerk. I'd be more steamed about this if we hadn't already completed that heroquest, but it's unlikely we'll ever learn the secrets of that story.

This is normally where I ask what to do next, but I know what to do next--rampage forwards until the second month of Earth Season, and then quest again.

The gifts were worth ten goods--and more importantly, a boost in blackrock relations, a clan we've never been comfortable around.

Then the carls decided our clan was too powerful and successful, and demanded the right to split up and ruin things for me.


Oh, Horse Spawn. You are probably the weakest enemies in the game, thanks to our Spike Wall.

The Rangdani finally agree to trade with us, after what must be the fourth trade mission I've sent their way.

Since when do the Zenthorings have such a huge army!?

Not that it matters, much.

I'm convinced the Grey Net has gone to ground, changed its face, name, and lifestyle, and reintegrated into Kuchulainni society.

A much smaller warparty from the Zenthorings meets much the same fate as the first.

I doublechecked--we did have twenty three weaponthanes on patrol at the time of the crime.

Useless stickpickers.

Missing File: BigOleUpdate038.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

The spirit-talkers came back, so I picked up a few extra spirit fetches. They're not as useful now that we have more magic than we know what to do with, but I'll always choose magic over goods.

Enent heads off to Prax, to find out how they feel about Jaldon Goldentooth being beaten, stuffed, and mounted by our clan's red-headed stepchild.

Honestly, I have a lot of people patroling!

So few of our army bothered to show up that I felt compelled to use the new magical geegaw we found exploring the tula.

It wasn't enough.

Finally, to prepare for the god quest, a feast! A mighty feast! We invited absolutely everyone, and in the middle of the festivities, we served up a mighty roast cow, prepared to be in the shape of a cow. Everyone was super impressed.

A group of ragged outlaws demands your hospitality. Their leader says that they are favored by Gagarth, god of outlaws, who will rain punishing hail upon your tula if you do not hold a feast in their honor. "If you do not give us your finest ale, and your choicest meats, Gagarth's hail will flatten your crops, kill your sheep, and wound your children." The people are angered by the boldness of their demands.

Attack them.

Grant them hospitality.

Offer them gifts if they leave you alone.

Offer them gifts if they threaten another clan instead.

Refuse them entry.

The Blue Jays have annoyed us many times; the people will cheer if we send these wretches to vex them.

They are outlaws. We can do anything we like to them.

Give them gifts and be done with it.

We can easilly run these scoundrels off; it will give our fighters cheer.

Bad King Urgrain feasted outlaws, and neglected his own subjects.

Their threats are empty. Refuse them.

Never trust a group where a woman does all the talking.