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Part 13: 1330: Uralda Cult Rituals

To celebrate their arrival in this bountiful new land, the Kuchulanni raise a temple to Lhankor Mhy to stand beside the temple of Orlanth. Arnbord begins holding classes within the dark wood walls, teaching all who care to learn the secrets of the marking bone.

Cultists of Uralda, mother of cows, come to you and offer to perform a ritual to honor their goddess. The ritual will make your cows healthier and more fertile. Although they do so to honor Uralda, it is also clear that they want you to offer something in exchange for their ritual services.

Accept their offer; Owe them a favor.

Allow them to perform their ritual, but offer them nothing.

Do not allow the ritual.

Offer them a share of your clan magic.

Offer them gifts.
(And how many cows and goods?)

Many of them are from the Wolf clan, which dislikes us. A generous gift would go some way to repairing the rift between our two clans.

Even if we offer them only one cow, they will still perform the ritual.

These she-devils mean to geld us all!

Green Intern posted:

Edit: Are we sure Garstal is a Trickster and not a, you know, rapist/murderer/pedophile?

It's OK to rape and murder people if it's to avenge an insult! So as long as they did something to wrong Garstal whatever revenge he takes is acceptable under our law.