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Part 444: 1363-1364: Death of the King of Traders

Garstal showed rare initiative by promising to take care of the alcohol issue for the rest of the ring. How thoughtful of him!

Enent has been shown the door again, this time to explore the lands to the east, and the mysterious Lonisi lands.

After that, it was time for our annual heroquest, so I sent Farnan to do the quest, "Chalana Arroy heals the scars." Here he is, successful. I think he looks radiant!

He got a nice little boost to the stats, too.

Aaaargh, DROWNING in kids. That stupid rattle isn't helping at all!

Good thing we've been grooming a replacement.

Gods speed, Korstardos. You didn't have the sexiest story, but you were probably the hardest working member of the ring. Replacing you will be diffic--oh, who am I kidding? The new guy's fantastic.

Orlaront here is are new clan bargainer. He's also the best in clan at custom, and a follower of Lhankor Mhy, which means that Arnbord gets to retire. In fact, in a screen shot I forgot to take but will for the next post, Arnbord's little statement on the clan reorganize ring is, "I have been honored to serve the ring for many years, but now I look forward to the opportunity to rest and do some reading." You've earned it, old man.

Your replacement is kind of punk, though. This guy's... pretty useless, but we don't have much divine variety on the clan ring at the moment, and most of our unused nobles worship Barntar. A follower of Chalana Arroy will help us resist injury and sickness.

The current team of six superstars and one goofy looking guy will make the Kuchulainni stronger than ever!

Due to all of the restructuring the clan's been going through, we only had 39 crafters, a number I have bumped up a bit.

Well, that event was simplistic. There go those two weaponthanes we met earlier.

The cars and cottars are fighting. The carls complain that the cottars are herding sheep onto their grazing lands. The cottars complain that the carls expect them to feed their sheep on nothing but sand and gravel.

Compose a poem about harmony between the carls and cottars.

Let them argue.

Sacrifice to Uralda, the Cow Mother, and Nevala, the Sheep Mother.

Scold the carls.

Scold the cottars.

Sheep and cattle graze differently, on different kinds of land. There is no real reason to fight.

Whether or not a sacrifice to the goddesses will calm them down, it will bring us divine favor.

An inspiring poem will lift everyone's spirits.

The cottars unfairly accuse the carls.

Sacrificing to their goddesses will cheer the people more than poetry or scoldings.

Lock the chief complainers in the pigsty until they learn to get along.