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Part 443: 1363: Asborn the Smuggler

That's about half a page of fawning. Onwards!

Given that we just picked a fight with another clan, I figured some more magical powers that we won't use might come in handy. The Shield ritual gives some minor nonspecific combat bonus! I'll add it to the stack of all the other nonspecific combat boost spells we can cast.

Who could have seen this coming!

This brings us to three blood feuds, which is honestly two more than I'm comfortable with. I've never really built up a strong hate-on for the Black Rocks, so I'll resolve our relations with them.

It cost a pretty pile of cows, but it's not like we're shot on them.

One of your carls, Asborn is caught with a secret supply of Clearwine, the magical wine made by the Colymar tribe. The problem is that he somehow acquired these trade goods without going through the clan ring. This infraction infringes on the traditional rights and privieges of the ring.

Confiscate the wine; warn of serious punishment next time.

Forgive him; allow others to break the traditional rules.

Shame him before his fellows.

Outlaw Asborn from the clan.

Reassign Asborn's herds, making him and his family cottars.

Making him a cottar would be harsh, but there are precedents for it.

Asborn has offended nearly all of the weaponthanes at one time or another.

His offense may seem minor, but it eats at the very root of our authority.

Asborn is very popular among the carls.

Part of his punishment should involve our drinking of his wine.