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Part 197: 1345: Effigy in the Temple

OK, so that was a boring event question. Let's see if I can't put something more interesting in front of you.

With the Turtles as our allies, the Jenestni are firmly within striking distance! I ask the turtles to come along for a raid, and it's off to war we go.

Oooooh yeah!

Then, surprise raid from the Ernaldori, which I believe is one of the few clans to have no tribe.

Should we take this opportunity to raid the Ernaldori next month?

The priests and priestesses are outraged! Someone has snuck into the temple of Orlanth and left a crude, muddy effigy right in the middle of it! The people are concerned that this is a curse, or some other form of bad magic.

Convince people it is wise to leave the effigy right where it is.

Dedicate statue to Eurmal and move it to its own sacred hut.

Destroy it and conduct a ritual to purify the temple.

Destroy it and have the chief publicly beat Garstal to show the clan's displeasure.

Sneak it into another clan's best temple.

There's no big mystery. I put the effigy there, in tribute to Eurmal the Trickster God. It will help us overcome the skepticism of others.

Since this involves magic, not beer or cattle, I am inclined to let Garstal have his way here.

Eurmal will be happiest if we use the effigy as part of a trick against another clan.

The people are disturbed by this strange thing, and will bepleased to see Garstal punished.

It will defile the temple if we don't move it. But Eurmal will curse us if we do.