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Part 196: 1345: Turtle Alliance Negotiations

Right, if you look back at the last image of the update, I mostly cropped away the ring leaders, but their scalps are visible. The scalp of our rightmost noble was white, not brown. What happened to Garstal?

Now he's OLD!

Here's the current map. The Blue Jays have run pretty far away, so I'll be switching our focus to the Jenestni for now....

And that means allying with the Turtle.

This woman is going to keep stirring up trouble until we have a chief with a higher leadership or we kill her.

Your emissary, Korstardos, approaches the Turtles, seeking to negotiate an alliance with them. First, he presents the gifts we sent. The turtles give lavish praise to our gifts. They toast Korstardos in their feasting hall many times.

Once the gift-giving is over, how does he approach the turtles for an alliance?

"It would be generous of you to help us in a time of need."

"Together, we can overcome our foes. We will be celebrated by the great poets."

"We are both blessed by the gods, and our alliance would please them further."

"You need warriors to protect you, and we need food."

"You will profit greatly from an alliance."

Their chief, Baranwolf, is known as a miser. We must appeal to his lust for wealth.