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Part 198: 1345: Yesterday's Hatchlings, Today's Monsters

That cost us our only magic point, which is a pity, but I guess it'll help our attempts to gain friends and allies. I think I'll expend the majority of my efforts this year towards diplomacy, and back-burner exploration for a while.

The Ernaldori were in a tribe after all, but that hardly matters. I round up some wolves and head west.

This is the first battle in a while I've actually lost. The Eurmal's Shield/Klanth of Orlanth is usually enough to defeat anyone.

The strange little lizards have grown up into strange, very big lizards. They're trampling the grain, eating voraciously, and accidentally stomping the occasional chicken. No one knows what to do with them.

Leave them alone.

Sacrifice to a god.

Slaughter them for their meat.

Try to train them as battle mounts.

Try to train them as beasts of burden.

I think I can train them as battle mounts. Imagine the effect on our foes as our Earthshakers thunder into sight!

I still think they're dragons of some sort.

Wouldn't it be something if we could train them as battle mounts? Imagine the effect on our foes!

Earth cows!