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Part 125: The Making of the Storm Tribe: Part VI

Ortossi keeps collecting clans for the new tribe. Sometimes the chieftains of these clans make unreasonable requests. Or they make contradictory demands: Issaries will join only if Uralda does, and Uralda will join only if Esra does, but Esra will join only if Issaries is kept out. Ortossi tells them all what they want to hear. So when it comes time for a confederation moot, and they realize that he cannot please them all, the chieftains start to fight and blame Ortossi.

Leave the realm of the gods.

Offer to fight each and every one of them.

Wait for Ernalda to bring tribal regalia.

"With a tribe, our magic will be strong."

"With a tribe, we can fight common foes."

"With a tribe, we will be prosperous."

The legends may be of some small help.