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Part 341: 1356: Carls Complain

There sure are a lot of cults that want to be left alone with our animals.

News of note: For the first time since the split, we have enough farmers to farm all of our cropland. The skill of our plant expert plays into this, so stupid is earning her keep.

Anyway, it's time to raid the Jenesti! All we have to do is pay a small fee to the Zenthoring to pass through their lands, and we'll show them what it means to mess with the Garstali!

Those jerk Zenthorings won't let us through their lands, no matter what we offer them.

And they seem to have no problem letting the Jenesti through.

Fine! Be that way. By protecting the Jenesti, you accept their crimes as your own.

YOU shall be our raid target this year!

Oh, great job.

Even with our overwhelming military power, with a sudden leadership vacuum we couldn't do any actual plundering. What a weaksauce fire season it's been.

Good news, guys. I found more people willing to take away our funny looking cows!

Orlanth's taint. Who got our cows this time?

Those chumps in the Squat Oak clan.

I've been drinking too much to care.

Next time, I'll give some to the Blue Jays!

I will order Ortossi to kill you, you know.

There a problem here, chief?

No problem!

Missing File: CatsAgain016.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Mountain man has headed off to start a trade agreement with the Rangdani...

...and Ortossi has headed out to explore the tula some more.

The trading mission was basically a bust, sadly.

Then the dwarf slavers showed up again, offering to sell us two dwarves for four horses.

I do appreciate having one of our magical, all powerful neighbors thinking nothing but good things about me.

Hoo-rah! Finally, a treasure on our tula! Now let's do a quick consultation with our ancestors to find out if we're finally done combing the tula for geegaws.


The carls, represented by Grivton, are up in arms. "The clan is always at war. This incessant raiding and counter-raiding is playing hell with the crops."

Give the chief complainers a cow apiece.

persuade Grivton that he's mistaken.

Promise to curtail raids.

Promise to make peace with the Blue Jays.

Take the matter under advisement, then forget about it.

Upbraid Grivton for his foolishness.

I'm feeling eloquent today. I'll have Grivton singing drinking songs with the warriors by the seventeenth hour.

You could compensate them directly. Then they'll look churlish if they press the point.

Harmast Barefoot once said, "Swill to the carl is mead to the weaponthane."

Grivton is mistaken when he says that our crops are suffering.

Have I mentioned lately how difficult it is to keep both carls and weaponthanes happy?

Don't swear an oath when a mere promise will suffice.