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Part 342: 1356: Preparing for Bovine Roleplay

I am picturing Umathkar having him tied to a chair in a darkened stead, ranting on and on about a warrior culture. Whenever Grivton tries to speak back, Garstal just beats him a few times with a thick branch. Even when he begins to plead for mercy, the process continues. Finally, seventeen hours later, he's released, singing the praises of the noble weaponthanes through cracked lips.

His eyes are dead.

No one speaks out, but the next time Umathkar ordered the soldiers to advance, they practically tripped over one another in their effort to charge the front lines, away from their queen.

And now, Jerernalda gets to die a horrible death.

Damn! I was doing so well with my perfect heroquest run.

The people have gathered their magic to help propel Jerernalda into the place of the gods, with the assistance of 102 worshippers from our tribe.

Uralda's Blessing tells the story of the Cow Mother, and how she game to protect her four-legged people by sheltering them among the two-legged people of Ernalda's clan. What benefit do you seek from this heroquest?

Make cows more valuable.

Gain powers of persuasion over bull-headed people.

Gain a herd of cows.

Make the cows healthier.

Protect the herds from bad fortune.

Increase Jerernalda's cow knowledge.

Increase the cow knowledge of the people.

Gain a magical cow.

You know what I love most about this heroquest? The dizzying variety of cow-related rewards available to us.