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by Mystic Mongol

Part 343: Uralda's Blessing: Part I

Jerernalda goes back to an ancient time, a time before Umath, before Yelm, and long before Orlanth. Everything is good. There is good pasture land, and Jerernalda's four-legged people eat well. But not everyone is well-fed. Two-legged people come and beg Jerernalda's bulls for help. "We have found this thing called hunger, and would like your bulls to chase it away," they say.

Encourage the bulls to chase the two-legs away.

Encourage the bulls to help the two-legs.

Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave.

Let the bulls chase the two-legs away.

Promise the two-legs you will help them later.

Prepare to be attacked by biting things.

Sacrifice cows, to lend Jerernalda strength.

The legends may be of some small help.

Ernalda looks crazy smug in that picture. You can just tell she's listing things she can do with her thumbs in her head.