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Part 6: Clan Creation Part VI

Balance in the lead! Time to stop the vote.

Finally, the sun rose again. While the rest of society worked to find food, or just otherwise survive, the First Priests worked to re-establish links with the ancient deities. Thanks to this new harmony between people and deities, the world was slowly improved. Once the awakening process had begun, it got easier and went quicker as the gods helped wake each other up.

Who was the first deity which your clan helped to awaken?

None. Our ancestors were good enough.

None we retained worship of our Living Deity :

Ernalda, the Mother Goddess
Orlanth, the Father
Issaries, the Talking God
Lhankor Mhy, the Knowing God
Chalana Arroy, the Healing Goddess
Uralda, the Cow Mother

We start the game with some minor knowledge and favor regarding the god we select here--I believe it's a single miracle from the appropriate figure. This is true if we select ancestors, as you can build shrines to and receive miracles from your ancestors the same way you can receive them from the gods.

Each god has unique blessings and gifts that reflect their domain--in addition to the ones listed, Elmal is the god of the Sun and Horses (we saw him earlier), Odayla is god of the Hunt, and Urox is the Storm Bull, god of getting angry at chaos.