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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 89: 1336: Ancient History

We may not have raided them yet this year, but this is almost as good.

On the second half of the dark season, I ordered Angorri to search the tula again.

While exploring, you find evidence that a great battle was fought on your tula on some long-forgotten day.

Brag to other clans about this find.

Conduct a divination.

Shrug and go about your business.

How are we not seeing these things?

One of these battle standards belongs to the famous king, Fynin the Legless, who could fight as well as ten of his two-legged kin.

If the divinations provide us with the details of this battle, we should reenact it to bring us good magic.

Who cares? We should get this junk out of the field so we can plant.