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by Mystic Mongol

Part 88: 1336: Rodent Plague

And so, Hofstaring is sent back into the depths of Boatmurdered, to see what wealth those damn'd souls left behind.

In the dark season, with nothing better to do, I sent Angorri to explore the tula.

As your people explore your tula, you find many unusual features. One of these is a cave. The cave is inhabited by large, armored rodents with huge mouthes filled with needle sharp teeth. The creatures swarm out of the cave and attack the carls that discovered it, injuring several of them. The people are worried that these creatures will cause more harm.

Block the cave entrance.

Have Garstal lure them away with trickster magic.

Find outsiders to exterminate the creatures.

Order your weaponthanes to exterminate the creatures.

Shrug and go about your business.

The weaponthanes say that this is a matter for the carls to deal with. They are no rat-catchers.

Only trickster magic can end this infestation.

These things are called Rubble Runners. They multiply like mad and are very dangerous. The only way to get rid of them is to kill every last one.

The carls say this is a killing matter, and thus the job of the weaponthanes.

Want me to charm them straight into the cooking pit?