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by Mystic Mongol

Part 109: 1338: Gifts from the Badger Clan

Magic spent. It's time to start driving towards absolute command over our neighbors...which means sending them gifts, gladhanding, maybe a feast. But first!

I've sent our clan's best magician, Harsaltar, west to investigate the single largest mountain in all of Dragon Pass!

I've also sent our best leader northeast, to the far reaches of the pass. She's only going to get ambitious and start stirring up trouble in hopes of becoming chief of the clan. Hopefully, she won't cause trouble while she's off and about.

Eonistaran, a prosperous herdsman of the Badger clan, has come as an emissary from his clan leaders. He has gifts for you; he says they are worth 19 cows altogether.

Accept the gifts.

Accept the gifts; throw a feast for Badger thanes.

Give Eonistaran a reciprocal gift.

Refuse to accept the gifts.

Threaten to raid them unless they give you more.

They offer us gifts because they are weak. Refuse the gifts, and then raid them.

The thought of this gift pleases the people.

We could hope this is a prelude to a trade agreement.

After Oskul the Just slew Bad King Urgrain and took his throne, he gave gifts to all those who helped him. The Angry Clan spat upon his gifts, which caused war where there should have been peace.

No one gives gifts for no reason. It's a trick of some kind!