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Part 110: 1338: The Tree Brothers and the Badgers

Jefepato posted:

On the contrary. I wish to ensure that very awesomeness by making sure we're not accidentally clicking the "weaksauce feast" button due to unintuitive description.

Feasts are better than gifts.

They also use piles of food, which we don't have lots of.

Oh, well! It wouldn't be generosity if it didn't sting to give it up.

Now, we have work to do. For one thing, the Jenestni clan think that by moving to the other side of the Pass they can escape our wrath. But our army is enormous, and none can escape it! It's entirely possible we have the largest military force on the planet.

But we still have to travel through Apple lands. They spend some time pretending they're not going to let us through, and then decide to allow us passage in exchange for future considerations. Assholes.

Somehow, the Jenestni manage not to see two hundred and fifty men, auxiliaries included, descending upon their lands. I guess they haven't had a chance to build any watch towers yet.

There are some stubbed toes, but the men by and large are fine. The Jenestni, on the other hand, lie in ruins, their buildings burning around them and their greatest soldiers lying on the ground, bleeding into the earth.

We stopped at the Apple clan on the way home for snacks.

Whup, they're back. I'll ask them for fewer cows this time.

Excellent! Of course, now we can't fight the Jenestni any more. It's a pity--do we have anywhere to turn our warlike eye?

Our neighbors are a lot weaker than we are.

With our overwhelming military and magical advantages, it's another substantial victory.

Protip for the next event: our relations with the Tree Brothers are pretty bad. Our relations with the Badgers are pretty good.

Bronze-Robasart of the Tree Brothers comes seeking your help with a raid against the Badgers. He reminds you of the obligations that you owe to the Tree Brothers, and tells you that the storehouses of the Badgers are like tantalizing fruit, ripe for the picking.

Offer sacrifices to the War God of Robasart's choice.

Politely decline his request.

Send a full war party.

Send a token force.

The badgers are unpredictable. Sometimes they fight poorly, sometimes ferociously.

Clans that follow such requests are respected, and follow Orlanth's way.

An appeal to the Gods might be as useful as the provision of soldiers.

Even if we send more warriors than the Tree Brothers, Bronze-Robasart will have cause to be offended if we try to take most of the loot.

"When you open a door, look to see if there is a Broo behind it."