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by Mystic Mongol

Part 111: 1338: Craigspider!

Bronze-Robasart's poorly thought-out attack failed, getting three of our weaponthanes killed. He blames us for this because he is a useless asshat.

To celebrate the fall of the earth season, I sacrificed to learn the secrets of Chalana Arroy. Unfortunately I got the healing ritual which repairs wounded clan mates, instead of the much more useful curing ritual which cures the sick.

I decided to patch relations with the Badger by sending Korstardos over to mend fences. Big gifts will make us look rich and likable in their eyes.

Your exploration party is taken prisoner by trolls. Unable to escape, they're left to their own devices, without advice from the ring. The trolls drag them into the presence of their leader, the terrifying Cragspider. The explorers can tell just from her presence that she's immensely powerful -- and quite displeased to learn they exist.

Attack her.

"If you kill us, our people will make war on you."

"Our clan will promise never to come here again."

"Please spare us our miserable lives, o powerful one!"

"We offer peace between our clan and the trolls."

Our clan alone is no threat to her. Yet many clans together could wage war on them.