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Part 112: 1338: The Wind Lords

Huh, that was good for the Clan magic. Maybe we can turn useless nobles into magic in the future.

The Badgers liked the goods and horses alot, which is good. It'll give us bargaining leverage next time we want something for them.

Chalana Arroy's priestesses showed up, asking for thirteen goods in exchange for the healing they gave us earlier. I went ahead and paid our debts.

Then we prayed to Orlanth, and fortunately enough he gave us exactly the secret we were looking for--we'll be ready to perform the tribe making ritual next year.

FINALLY. Goddamn trolls showed up. I decided to spend four magic on them, because fighting and defeating trolls raises the clan's magic.

Not great, not bad. We need to puff up the Weaponthanes again at some point.

But first, I've opened recruiting again. We're still a solid 70 or so workers under capacity, and the sooner we hit the cap the sooner we can really take advantage of our land.

Three great Orlanthi wind lords, or holy warriors, come to your tula. They retell famous stories of Orlanth the Adventurer. They delight the children with a display of the magical flying abilities that Orlanth grants them. Then they ask the ring for help with a secret mission. "The nature of our quest is so terrible that we dare not describe it. We need warriors, silver, cows, or a gift of magical power. How will you help us?"

Allow weaponthanes to volunteer to fight for them.

Give them cows.

Give them silver.

Politely refuse them.

Give them magic.

These are mighty heroes. Their enemies are even stronger. They deserve our help.

True heroes.

They are great wind lords, all right. The kind of great wind lords who tend to die horribly in a distant land, your silver rings still rattling in their purses.