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Part 264: 1351: Umathkar Ascendant

Well, that was simple enough.

The new queen has been chosen, and now it is time fo rour own Umathkar to undergo the rites of kingship. It is a time of celebration, yet also of some suspense: it is possible that Umathkar will be harmed by enemies attracted by the magic of the rite, or devoured by angry spirits if she fails to precisely replicate the rites laid down by the founder of the tribe.

Entertain influential thanes of other clans.

Entertain members of your clan who have served its interests well.

Lend your magic to aid Umathkar in her rites.

Sacrifice to the gods to aid Umathkar.

We all know what the rites are, and I am ready.

Uvuli Urgrainsdottir used magic to prevent her husband from doing what her beloved brother could not.

It is the gods who truly choose queens.

Our people are content, so please the gods instead.

Put me in charge of the feasting!