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by Mystic Mongol

Part 265: 1351: Slaves in the Land of the Fire Quartz

Will the gods be impressed with our pile of consumer goods?

It's weird... exploring doesn't seem to reveal the map any more, we just get the events.

Maybe it has something to do with the wheel we got?

5 carls of your clan failed to return from a pilgrimage to the Red Fox clan's temple of Uralda. A search party send to find them has located them among the Fire Quartz, who have clearly taken them as thralls. members of the search party report that the Fire Quartz were severely overworking the captured carls.

Buy the carls' freedom back.

Do nothing.

Recapture the carls in a raid.

Send for shamans to lay a curse of the Fire Quartz.

Take this matter to their clan ring.

We should resolve this peacefully.

A shamanic curse will not get our carls back, but will make us feel better.

The Fire Quartz were among the first to resettle this area. They have a reputation for being rough and somewhat crazy.

We should send for shamans to lay a curse on the Fire Quartz.

They are powerful enough to ignore dragonewt magic! Do not ignore them!