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Part 263: 1351: Selection Process

She's come a long way from that promising youth who first appeared before us ten years ago. Now, having delved into the god realms time and time again, she has been filled with strength and hate. She's ground our enemies to paste under her mighty feet, and severed the heads of several trolls with her klanth.

Now, it is time to run roughshod over the trampled bodies of her allies!

You can only spend 250 on gifts!? What a gyp! What else are we going to do with all these trade goods?

This is a moderately large force, and we might ruffle some feathers with it. But at least we won't be shouted down at the moot.

Let's... let's not have Garstal do the talking this time.

But I have this great story about Umathkar and the Broos!

Yeah, let's just tell him the moot is happening four days after it really will.