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Part 262: 1351: The King is Dead! Long Live the King!

That's four magic, one for each trollkin. Pretty nice take for a batch of wretched monsters--I guess that's the advantage of having a skilled god talker on the ring.

Technically, Randalos has a higher skill, but he's too busy quoting old proverbs to give solid skills.

Hooray! From now on, all the troll battles are optional!

We'll still FIGHT 'em, of course. But we don't have to, which is nice.

Oh. Oh, gods. What a tragedy. What a shame. What a pity. That horse we gave him turned on him? WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING.

I guess we need a new king! Or maybe a new queen.

The old king is dead, so the tribal moot has convened an emergency session to select a new ruler. Once chosen, the candidate will have to successfully complete the magical rites of kingship in order to take the throne.

Support among the other clans seems to be building for two candidates: Garrath of the Badgers, and Hend, of the Rangdani. Garrath has a reputation for rashness. Hend is famed for his accomplishments as a farmer.

Nominate a member of your clan.

Say nothing until a candidate is chosen

Support Garrath early.

Support Hend early.

Support the candidate who is most generous with you.

Wait, then throw support behind whoever seems most likely to win.

I want the throne, deserve it, and we can afford it. Nominate me.

We cannot support a candidate with character flaws as well-known as Garrath's.

When Heort was made king, the dead plants lived again, for one day.