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Part 261: 1351: Trollkin in the Grain

Munin posted:

Also, all I meant is that it my be worth to post a placeholder if there is likely to be a decent delay between the turn being played and the posting finished or when the voting is particularly lively. In a few of the updates before I posted that comment you apologised when the voting turned around between you playing and posting.

Too bad, I'm having a blast with these things. You'll have to wait for me to get bored with them.

With so much magic swilling about in our pockets, I can afford to be a little generous with our spending, as opposed to normally, when I just spend everything anyway.

Someone expressed an interest in the Quinvin Mountains, so I figured I might as well send Ortossi that way.

Jonrik finds a bunch of small trolls rooting about in the grain bins of his stead. They've eaten some of the grain, and have ruined more of it. You're familiar with these creatures from the old country -- they're trollkin, the stunted and sometimes simple-minded offspring that most trolls are cursed with.

Drive them off.

Kill them.

Sacrifice them to a god.

Take them as thralls.

Trade them to another clan.

If we don't kill them now, they'll be trouble later.

They are only trollkin. The spirits of our ancestors don't care what we do with them.

Of all the gods, only Eurmal would e pleased by a gift of trollkin.

They would be useful for producing cow-pies for fuel.

You know, I occasionally get the urge to roll around in the grain myself.