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Part 99: Orlanth and Aroka Again: Part II

The Ernalda priestess says the words that Ernalda once said to Orlanth. "Only one person is doing this, but I have refrained from telling you, dear husband, because I know that you honor kinship so much." Ortossi speaks the words of Orlanth, and bids her to continue. "At your command, oh husband, I will instigate kinstrife. It is your nephew who is the cause of our woe. Your sister's son is drying my yields and starving the world. His name is Daga, and he is the son of Molanni, your niece."

"I have fought with my brothers already, and most of my nephews as well. For you, sweet wife, I will go and speak to him, and then I will threaten him, and then I will curse him, and then I will drive him off or kill him."

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Ortossi goes to fight Daga in the place of the gods. Daga has no substance to strike, nor force to scatter.

End the quest.

Keep fighting; do not stop until Daga is slain.

Let Daga win; but fight defensively to minimize injury.

Take a few blows from Daga, then flee.

Take whatever punishment Daga dishes out.

The legends may be of some small help.