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Part 100: Orlanth and Aroka Again: Part III

Gabriel Pope posted:

I say we try to do it right this time; take a few blows, then flee. It would probably be kind of offensive if we keep using our people's sacred legends to grind Daga like he was a WoW mob.

That victory was a total fluke. Odds are if we were to try it again, Ortossi would die horribly at the hands of a monster the king of the gods couldn't kill.

Ortossi learns that there is a secret weapon to use against Daga -- the rain god, Heler. But Heler is trapped in the belly of Aroka the Dragon. Ortossi gathers the weapons: the sack with the four winds in it, an ancient flint sword called a klanth, a twisted vine which holds the Upper Winds, and a leather rope which holds the Lower Wind. He eats of Ernalda's Splendorbread and drinks crazy black Widebrew. Then he goes off in search of Aroka. But on the way Orlanth is ambushed by other enemies.

Beat the enemies, and take something from each one.

End the quest.

Evade the enemies; they are not the point.

Fight them defensively.

The legends may be of some small help.