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Part 222: 1347: The Death of Thadart

He's hiding behind the text box, you fools!

Anyway, it was Heroquest time, so I sent Umathkar to do the same quest again--Orlanth forms the Storm Tribe. Dull, sure, but leadership is her most important stat, and now it's pretty good.

Then I sent Ortossi to explore our tula some more, because I really want that wretched net and there's not much else to do in the middle of dark season.

Wilkossi, one of the warriors you sent on your exploratory mission, reports on its unforunate and premature end. "One of our fellows, Thadart, was taken by the cruel enemies known as Tusk Riders. We fought valiantly to rescue him from them, but they were fierce, their boarish steeds were fresh, and they knew the terrain better than we. We have heard from our neughbors about the bloodthirsty gods they worship, and know of their murderous habits. Unlucky Thadart is surely dead by now."

Compose a funeral poem.

Give gifts to Thadart's relatives.

Remind people that danger is a part of life.

Sacrifice to the gods in Thadart's honor.

"There will be no funeral until Thadart is proven dead."

Send a war party to hunt for Thadart.

Thadart was very skilled with weapons. Even though he was not a weaponthane, we should honor him as one.

A poem has more power to stir the heart than an ordinary speech, or even a generous gift.

If only we knew the locatio nof the Tusk Rider lair -- then we could courageously risk our lives to recover Thadart's bones!

There is no point in hunting for Thadart; we will try and fail, and lower the spirits of our warriors.

"Smile while alive, lest your only grin be that of your skull."

King Vingkot disappeared many times, and those of weak confidence thought him slain. But each time he came back, hungry and wanting his dinner, having miraculously escaped death.