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Part 221: 1347: The Return of Vampires!

I asked for twenty cows a clan from them.

Aww, darn it! Now who's going to kill all the undead?

Will tribes of hobos defend us?

No! Hobos will not defend us from the walking dead!

Certainly not Korlaman!

Ortossi isn't at the top of his game either...

Who will defend us from these vampires?

Havar, the young child of carls Desrada and Fistivos, disappears from their stead. A search finds his unconscious body out in the bush. He has two puncture wounds on his neck, and has lost a great deal of blood. The people are afraid that a vampire is loose in the area.

Conduct a ritual to protect Havar from vampire magic.

Do nothing.

Sacrifice to Humakt for protection from undead.

Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.

Send warriors to hunt the vampire.

If this vampire preys on little boys, it shouldn't be able to stand against true warriors -- if we can find it. We must send only a few weaponthanes, so that it does not sense our approach.

We must perform a preventitive ritual for the boy, then we can think what to do about the vampire.

Vampires serve the Chaos god Vivamort, who teaches them to infect others with their unliving magic.