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Part 223: 1347: Jotisan Seeks a Bride

Apparently it's hard luck month among the Kuchulainn, because the sad stories about eligible bachelors don't stop there!

Jotisan, a carl of your clan, urges you to seek a bride for him. "I know people say they find me hard to look at, but I have a good heart, I am kind, and I uphold all the Orlanthi virtues. Surely I deserve a good wife."

Refuse him.

Seek a bride for him.

Seek a bride, offering her clan a gift in addition to the bride price.

tell him to ask later, when you are not so busy.

Use trickster magic to make him seem handsome.

"You must accept that your lot in life is to be unmarried."

We have more important things to worry about.

Trickster magic often backfires on those who use it.

We musn't offend other clans, because we want to be able to trade for any treasures they might have.

Eurmal can help him.