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Part 399: Umathkar is Bad at Direction

Sejs Cube posted:

Maybe you should just go crying right back to the Pharaoh if you can't stomach the way Orlanthi live. You can start your own little clan where you'll never have your feelings hurt or have to make hard decisions ever.

Damn straight! Running a society is all about compromise. Now buy yourself an avatar of Garstal in shades.

Umathkar wanders into the forge of Gustbran, Smith of the Gods. Sweating Gustbran looks up from his fire, where he was working the bronze bone of an old dead god into a useful thing of metal. Umathkar tells Gustbran of her blight, but Gustbran says nothing.

Ask him to make something for you. (if we do this, we'll wind up with the extremely buggy wheel of Gustbran again)

Challenge him to an arm-wrestling contest.


Leap into Gustbran's fire.

Trade one of your bones for the bronze bone.