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Part 400: 1360: Sacred Time

Our queen has returned to us safely, thank goodness. Hopefully, next year will go better.

The year ends without incident. Even with our tremendous expenditures on magical rattle related expenses, and our meaningless sacrifice of 101 cattle, we're still doing pretty good on cows.

As the year started, one of our nobles passed away. I think I'll talk about that at the END of the update.

Korstardos heads out to establish a trade route with the Apples, the only Garstali clan that does not have regular trade with us.

Old woman Enent leads a band of brave warriors far to the north, to finish mapping Tarsh.

Somehow, I don't think Wergild is going to be enough to sort this mess out. Well, we can worry about the Rangdani later. Right now, it's the fire season! Time to get some cows.

While profitable, Umathkar was badly hurt in the fighting and will be spending the next several months in bed.

In the second fight, Terasarin shows the cowardly Blue Jays that even if they try to use a flying spear-tossing coward who remains out of reach, we'll still win the battle on points.

Enent apparently led a very successful expedition to Tarsh, where the new mountain-hurling brother sister team seem to be doing well for themselves. We have some powerful allies up north now.

Your warriors come together to complain that not all of the great and ancient families of the clan are getting their due in the clan hall. They say that many bloodlines are unrepresented on the clan ring. "Why should we obey the ring, when our kin are not on it. no one can make us do anything, and unless our families are properly respected, we do not wish to do what you say." Other people, whose families are represented on the ring, say that the clan has become ungovernable because it has grown too large. They suggest that aobut a quarter of the clan should split off, and go off to seek a new tula of their own.

Seek volunteers to split off.

Choose the worst troublemakers to split off.

Choose those best equipped to survive if they split off.

Give gifts to the complainers.

Reorganize the ring.

Reorganizing the ring will afford only temporary relief. Giving gifts to some will only provoke resentment in others.

We must split up. if we send the discontented families off, the ones who stay behind will be free from their griping.

Those best equipped to survive are the wealthiest families. They will take more than a quarter of our livestock, food, and goods if they go.

Send the troublemakers. They are mostly quarrelsome women and hen-pecked men, anyway. Good riddance, I say!

In addition to this, I think I'll mention that event that occured at the start of the year.

Brangbane, another die-hard behind the scenes worker, has passed on to his final reward. And yet the current contest, to honor non-ring members, has had only one entry, which didn't actually honor anyone in particular. Shame! Shame on all of you!

If you're having trouble thinking of something to do, just name an NPC and I'll come up with a way for you to honor 'em. But if you want me to come up with ideas for you, I expect you to make a game attempt at whatever I come up with.