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Part 29: 1331: Tusk Raider Attack!

We had a few leaders in that there vote, so I started with the first to hit four--Vinga.

The sacrifices to Vinga were a success, giving us one of the most powerful defensive miracles in the game--with it cast or maintained via temple, woman count for the defensive size of the tula as well as men. The trading mission to the Cabbage Ducks was a failure, as apparently Brangbane couldn't convince them that it would be profitable to them to trade with us. Maybe we should try again with Korstardos later.

A small group of Tusk Raiders raids your tula. They kill one woman and injure two others.

Do nothing.

Offer to pay the Tusk Raiders to attack another clan.

Offer tribute to the Tusk Raiders.

Sacrifice to the gods for aid against the Tusk Raiders

Send a war party to hunt for the Tusk Raiders.

Send at least ten warriors to kill the Tusk Raiders, and five to bargain with them.

Tusk Raiders are half human, half troll, and all nasty.

The magic of the Tusk Raiders is greater than that of the dragonnewts and beastfolk combined.

How strong is the magic of the dragonnewts?

Twice as strong as the magic of the women of the Blue Jay clan.

And the beastmen?

At least three times as strong as the magic of a she-goat.

I didn't know she-goats were magical.

Clearly you've never been with one on a long, cold dark season night.