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Part 30: 1331: Blessing of the Hunter God

Our warriors searched high and low across the tula, but were unable to find the Tusk Raiders.

Our god-botherers have learned two additional blessings: The first is Plowsong, a phenominally useless blessing that can only be used if you don't have enough cows to plow your land, and is a solution inferior to stealing more cows from your neighbors. For a cow sufficient tula such as ours, it is completely ineffective.

The second is Smite Chaos, which is almost a prerequisite for winning the game. Most chaos monsters are far stronger than a man, and those that are not still suffer greatly from this blessing. The sooner we get a shrine to Urox up, the better. But before we can make one last sacrifice to the gods err the end of the year--

Followers of the hunter god, Odayla, appear before you to make an offer. "We will gather many other devotees of Odayla here, and we will perform a ritual that will increase the availability of game in this area. Naturally, we would expect you to give us a reason to perform this ritual."

Accept their offer; give them reciprocal gifts.

Accept their offer; tell them you owe them a favor.

Persuade them to do it for nothing, as a religious gesture.

Refuse them.

Offer them a share of your clan magic.

The hunting around here is already good.

Many of them are Hillhavens; if we offend them it will affect our relations with the clan.

I have updated the OP with the list of clans, the list of gods, and the data dump from the legends post. If you ever need to refer to any of that information, go right ahead.