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Part 158: Humakt the Champion: Part V

JosephWongKS posted:

 Uma Thurman is probably going to die on this quest. She's not a Humakt worshipper, her stats aren't that good, and we don't know the entire legend. 

Don't be a hater. We do know the entire legend, the tribe has sent seventy eight magicians to help us, we've dumped three magic into heroquests, we're just a little vague on specific details. Besides, Umathkar is good at one thing--Combat. And if you read the quest, you'll see a specific skill is used a whole lot.

Orlanth comes back and treats Umathkar like a cottar. "You are a stranger," he says, "yet I will extend to you some of the protections of my clan. You will serve me, and in return you shall have safety and shelter. As your king, I command you to give me that sword."

"Do you mistake me for a sheep-herding boy?"

Give him the sword.

"Give me a gift, and I will give you the sword."

Leave the realm of the gods.

Proceed to the next station of the quest.

"Safety and shelter are small things, compared to the might of Death."

"The protections of your clan mean nothing; many of your kin will soon die."

The legends may be of some small help.