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Part 159: Humakt the Champion: Part VI

And indeed, Orlanth does come back, this time treating Umathkar like a carl. "I have learned my lesson. I will treat you as I would any other free Orlanthi. I will give you land, and cows. When the clan gains, you will gain too. Thus, when we go raiding, as I plan to do against the Emperor, you will benefit if we do well. So, if you please, provide me with that sword of yours.

Give him the sword.

"If you fight me again, I will slay you, and you will die forever."

Leave the realm of the gods.

Proceed to the next station of the quest.

"The slaying of my clan ties cannot be undone. A new arrangement will have to be made."

"Your raid against the Emperor is doomed without my help."

The legends may be of some small help.