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Part 26: 1331: Where to Trade?

Good lord, the pro-duck agenda is out in force today. I'd have been updating more often, only my roomie showed up with a new Pratchett book I only just finished and I've been doing a bit of homework on the side, and I guess I just left things to run for a full page of voting on how hard we were going to hug the ducks.

Anyway, looks like the ducks are a friendly sort--already we're being honored in their songs, which either means their songs are the length of phonebooks or humans who make friends with ducks are pretty rare. Either way it's kind of depressing.

Also, they have friends in the swamps. We should probably go looking for those guys later.

For the second half of fire season, I raided the Jenestni again. We're already in the black on cows from the start of the game, which implies it's time to start handing them away with both hands again. Remember, a great clan is one that can afford to be generous, and as long as we have one hand in the Jenestni's pocket we can afford a lot of generosity.

So let's spend some money by opening trade relations. Most of the ring continues to be obsessed over having enough food to feel the clan (we do) so they're of little help, but now that the Earth season has started, all the farmers are harvesting making it a poor time to raid. So I figured we could send out some trade delegations to trade with our neighbors.

We can send Korstardos either to buy specific things (more cows, more sheep, more food, or ancient treasures--you can't buy treasure and anything else in the same trading mission) in exchange for products of ours--our ringleaders all agree that we have enough goods to sell them without restraint, and I'm inclined to agree. Of more long-term use is opening trading routes with clans--I believe we're currently trading with the Blue Jays and the Blue Spruce. The more trading routes we have, the more free goods we get at the start of the year, but the upper limit of trading profitability can only be raised by researching the blessings of Issarite, the talking god.

Finally, if we send a caravan to a nearby tribe, the trade mission will be finished faster and we'll have Korstardos back on our ring sooner--and we're always glad to have him here keeping an eye on things.

I'm making two trading missions. Who should they be to? What should we be trying to get? (Food, Cows, Horses, or ludicrously expensive treasures) Should we put off immediate trade for long-term profitable trade routes?

And because you asked, here are the summaries of all of the clans we are currently aware of, as listed on the trade screen.

Missing File: ClanNames007.png, ClanNames009.png, ClanNames014.png and ClanNames024.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact