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Part 27: 1331: Trading cows with the Turtle Clan

I see a lot of requests for horses, and to trade with the Ragdani and maybe the ducks--although I haven't had a chance to visit the ducks yet. So I've sent Korstardos to the Rangdani with many of our clan's products to trade for their horses. He only needs a small escort to visit an adjacent clan, which is good because in the harvest season we can't send large parties places.

Rastoron, a thane of the turtle clan, comes to ask you to make good on a promise you made to his people. "We ask that you gift us with 10 cows, in return for considerations that we've given your clan in the past, and in recognition of the goodwill between us," he says.

Give him the cows he asks for.

Give him more than he asks for.

Give him less than he asks for.

Offer him food instead.

Refuse him.

Their warriors are few, and ill-equipped. We should curry the favor of the strong, and forget about these weaklings.

Customarily, the obligation we owe them is worth twenty cows.

The turtles are avowed foes of the elves; we should reward them for this.

Cattle are too precious to be given away, even when we owe an obligation to another clan.