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Part 137: 1340: Wolf Tribal Negotiations

14 cows sacrificed to Humakt brings the clan knowledge of his powerful Oath blessing. We can build a temple to him next season to capitalize on this success.

Clan Wolf is known for its large catle herds. Because of this, it is a popular target for raids by other local tribes. Its chieftain, Minara, is skeptical when your emissaries approach him about the new tribe. "We are wealthy, and the other clans are poor. If I were a suspicious man, I would think that this tribe is concocted merely so you can force us to share our wealth."

Abandon negotiations.

"The other clans will supply aditional warriors to protect your herds."

"You will be asked to help the other clans. That will cost you less than continued raiding."

"Wealth is fleeting. Founding a tribe wins you a place in history."

"Wealth is nothing without influence. Join us, and sit on the council."

Give gifts.

Why bow and scrape to get them in our tribe, when we can simply raid them?

The only way a rich herding clan gets into the poems and chronicles is through the influence it wields in a powerful tribe.

If only every clan was like the Wolves, we wouldn't need tribes.

Make them give eight cows to each clan, and offer them four warriors from each clan.

Although they are rich, they find it galling that the martial clans raid them, and that successful herders never get poems written about them.

We must have them in our clan!

I don't even care.

Try to get them in the tribe?