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Part 114: 1339: Overcrowding

With the magic spent, the year begins. We should be able to perform the Making of the Storm Tribe two years after our last heroquest--the second month of earth season.

Some news--looks like we've lost standby explorer Harsaltar to the mysterious mysteries of the great mountain, Kero Fin. A pity! Also, generally cool chief Hend has been replaced by someone new, so we'll probably be getting less help from the Rangdani in the future.

Anyway, I need to send someone else to Kero Fin now. Just open up the exporation menu, sort by combat skill...

Turns out Ortossi isn't our best warrior any more. Korstardos is better with the sword. Also, Korstardos is better at bargaining. And magic. And leadership. And magic. And plants. And animals.

I know you guys want to use our heroquests to get permanent items, but this is just embarrassing, and we need to fix it at some point. If nothing else, the only reason he's in the top three for leadership is because we sent that woman to die to the cragspider earlier.

Anyway, I send Kalli to Kero Fin, and then come face to face with a rather unpleasant reality.

Your carls come together to warn the clan ring that your tula cannot support its population. "There are too many people now. We can't produce enough food for everyone. We could trade for more food, but would soon be in the same fix again. People will starve if we don't do something." Some of them suggest that about a quarter of the clan should split off, and go off to seek a new tula of their own. Others say you should seize land from a neighbor.

Seek volunteers to split off.

Choose the worst troublemakers to split off.

Choose the best equipped to survive to split off.

Delay action by trading for more food.

Seize land from a neighbor.

We should raid the Blue Jay clan.

Orlanthi clans split up every few generations. We split from our parent clan in Heortland.

If we seek volunteers, our reputation for leadership will be undimmed.

The best equipped to survive are the richest. If we sent them, we will lose about a quarter of our resources immediately.

The worst troublemakers are also the poorest, and will cost us very little to send away.

Raiding for land is very risky.

Our neighbors will band together to stop us if we seize land from one of them.

I don't know what they're whining about, they totally have enough food.