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Part 115: 1339: Blue Jays Seek Peace

Korlaman, AKA Tom Cruise has mediocre stats, but is a mere 22 years old. Sending him through two or three stattable heroquests would make him a fine leader, and then we'd have a heroic chief of roughly 30 years of age, which would be admittedly pretty sweet. Let's see if we get a Vinga at some point before we get a free hero quest slot, because on a personal note I'd love to have Dragon Pass led by a badass warrior queen.

The Jays are unprepared for our attack.

We were lucky enough to seize land (it's actually moderately rare for a land-seizing attack to be successful) and our clan is satisfied for the moment.

I hate the new Rangdani chief already.

As for the rest of the season, I sacrifice to Orlanth to learn more about the hero quest. With more details, it will be easier for us to navigate the god realm, and more annoying for me to splice together a picture of the legend.

Not gonna bother with the text/advice... the Blue Jays seek to surrender, and offer 27 cows. We basically have three options.

Take their pittance as a show of mercy.

Demand some cows every year and maybe get them.

Demand some ludicrous sum, and hope they move away, giving us all of their land.